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How to Determine Your Belt Size

Genuine Alligator Belt Sizing

There are several ways to measure your belt size:

1. The easiest way to calculate your belt size is to add two inches to your waist size.

    For example, if your pant size is 34, then your belt size is 36

Belt Sizing Guide

2.  Lay your favorite belt flat on a table, and measure the distance between the belt buckle fold

    (the line where the buckle is attached to the belt) and the middle hole (or the hole you normally use)

Belt Sizing Guide  


How to Determine Your Suspenders Size

 Alligator Leather Suspenders Braces SizingAlligator Leather Suspenders Braces How to Measure

When choosing suspenders, you must consider your weight and height measurements. To make ensure the right fit, measure diagonally from the rear center of your waist band, over your shoulder to the front of your waistband (where suspenders would attach). We recommend considering body weight fluctuations and adjustment preferences when deciding on the size. Remember that leather tends to stretch with wear. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the perfect fit without having taken your precise measurements in person. Therefore, this sizing guide is a general recommendation.  

SMALL: 38" - 40" ,  MEDIUM: 40" - 42",  LARGE: 42" - 44",  EXTRA LARGE - 44" - 46".

 How to measure leather suspenders braces sizeAlligator Crocodile Suspenders Sizing